The homebuilding process can be both stressful and fun. We believe that over 30 years of experience in the homebuilding industry equips us with the ability to not only streamline and organize the process but to make it fun and enjoyable for our clients.

Step 1

Ideally we would like to be involved in your lot selection unless you already have your own lot. By allowing us to help with your lot selection we could possibly save you thousands of dollars from the start. Many times people approach us with a lot they purchased at what they thought was a good deal. Only to find out later it will cost thousands to make the lot buildable or worse may not be buildable at all. Sometimes money has to be spent in advance to make that determination. Please visit with us before making your decision to purchase a lot. Your lot cost and where it's located will often determine the cost of your home. Hopefully, you've spent some time in determining a budget and are familiar with the cost of homes within your lots development. If not, we want to spend a short amount of time discussing your needs, footage and expectations. Otherwise, guessing your budget will only be wasting time and possibly costing you money that cannot be recouped.

Step 2

Next, we sit down with an architect or plan designer and start the design process. In most cases the designer or architect will require a deposit before they begin. If you have pictures and ideas to share now is the time to bring those to the meeting. The design process is multi phased with the floor plan design being the first priority. Once you're satisfied with the floor plan then the rest of the plan is developed and completed. Upon completion of the plans you will be responsible for purchasing the plans unless other agreements have been made before hand.

Step 3

Once the plan is completed we meet with our interior decorator to discuss and select lighting, flooring, fixtures, appliances, and other interior finishes. Items not specifically chosen are selected will be treated as an allowance in order to arrive at a contract price.

Step 4

At this phase we ask you to sign a Professional Services Agreement and make a deposit so we can move forward to develop and create all specifications, a detailed description of work and a Guaranteed Contract Price.

Step 5

Finalize and sign off on contract and associated documents. Submit to lender for approval and funding.

Step 6

Submit drawings to engineers and city officials.

Step 7

Upon permit approval we will create online schedule for you and others to review at your leisure. You will be able to monitor timelines throughout the process from start to finish. During this time meetings will be posted and scheduled accordingly.

Step 8

Upon substantial completion we will perform a walk through of the property with you to discuss any concerns and perform a final punch list.

Step 9

Meet with the title company to sign off on any remaining closing documents.

Step 10

The home now gets a final cleaning and is ready for you to move in.