R.J. Aldriedge Companies, Inc. has a reputation for building long-standing relationships with its clients in addition to building their dream homes. They know, from their past experience with Randy Aldriedge or from first-rate referrals, that they can count on his expertise to build them a superior home. His clients also know he will stand behind his product and give continuing customer service long after the final papers have been signed. Randy has worked hard to build and keep that reputation. He is involved in every phase of each project to insure the highest quality of every custom home.

Randy's experience in the home building business goes back many years. His father, Jack Aldriedge, was a longtime builder in many of Arlington's finest neighborhoods. He worked for his father and learned all the different aspects of building a home at an early age. He gained practical hands-on experience by actually performing some of the manual labor. That experience gives him the keen ability to oversee the building process to make sure each phase is done properly and to the highest standards. During the years he worked for his father, he forged solid relationships with craftsmen and suppliers, many of whom he still uses today. His father, Jack, also instilled in Randy the necessity of being a hard worker and one of integrity.

The groundwork had been laid for Randy to start his own building company in 1983. He based his business practices on all the knowledge he had gained from his father. During those early years, his business continued to grow. However, during the tough economic times of the late '80s, he began to diversify. After much research and many requests, he decided to focus on expanding his business to include remodeling. He realized that many homes in the Metroplex area were aging and the potential to update those homes was a very good way to increase his sales. The remodeling business also allowed him to keep his hand in the custom home business while expanding his customer base. Randy's reputation grew during these years and he gained some of his most valuable experience in dealing with customers. "Remodeling requires a great deal of personal attention to meet the client's expectations. It is important that any updating or additions be compatible with the existing home," he explained. He learned what it took to gain the confidence of a client and how to achieve repeat business.

Today, many of Randy's clients come through referrals or from past clientele. His father built homes for some of his current customers and now Randy is building their second and third Aldriedge homes. Much of Randy's success is because his clients know he insists on the highest quality of materials and workmanship and a job done right the first time. He works closely with them and the architect to put their ideas on paper. Detailed descriptions of every specification are noted and put together in book form so that everyone knows what the goals are and what they can expect the final outcome to be. Randy also keeps a time chart so he will always stay abreast of the next construction phase. He knows that, when building a new home, there are many details that must be decided by the customer. Keeping on top of those details is essential if the job is to progress in a timely manner.

Randy explained,

"Building a custom home is a major financial and emotional decision for every customer, and it is my duty to make them feel confident that they are receiving value and quality for their investment. After the foundation and roof are in, I can give my clients a schedule that will provide them with a realistic expectation of their move-in date. I want to do anything I can to ease their worries and make the process more comfortable for them."

His association with interior designer Karen Dawson, of Interior Images, best explains one thing he does do to make this process easier and more organized. He has worked closely with Karen for many years. Randy takes advantage of her expertise on his speculative homes and informs his custom home clients that she is available to help them with the many aesthetic decisions that must be made. Karen's knowledge of interior design shows in the many beautiful homes that Randy has built. She helps the client decide on paint colors, floor coverings, wall coverings, special finishes, fixtures and many other details that make the home into a showplace. Her services help the client from becoming overwhelmed, especially with the larger homes. The details on a $2 million dollar estate can be pretty demanding and Karen helps to keep the project on track while easing the mind of the customer.

Reliability is something Randy's customers can count on. He makes himself very accessible to his customers and his subcontractors during the entire process. Everyone knows where to find him--at the job site. If he's not there, he's a phone call away.

"Supervision and communication with subcontractors is especially important. Making sure each construction task is laid out and performed as it is specified takes careful supervision on my part. I have a very dependable and loyal group of subcontractors, many of whom have been with me over 10 years. We communicate well with each other and I make sure that everyone is on the same page about the expectations of each project," said Randy.

R.J. Aldriedge Companies continues to offer luxury renovations and custom-built homes in neighborhoods including Hampden Woods and Interlochen in Arlington, Lakewood in Colleyville, River Bend in Fort Worth, Nora Place in Pantego, and Heritage Gardens in Dalworthington Gardens. 

Randy Aldriedge knows that good customer service is essential in the home building business. He provides close attention to detail, quality material and workmanship, good communication, and years of experience. With R.J. Aldriedge Company, buyers can rest assured that they will receive a home they will take pride in and one that will last a lifetime.