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Word of mouth is the best advertising you can have. Read the comments shown below for what our clients have to say about our work.


Leila and I have been dealing with your company for 20 years now. You have added space to our house twice, and remodeled it no less than four times. You have touched every room in our home. The remodeling job four years ago (about two thirds of the house), along with the most recent remodeling job (the rest of it) , have brought our home into this century both modernized and stylized to a point that it looks like a new house!  I can’t think of a better compliment to you than the fact that we keep coming back to you to handle our additions and remodeling jobs!
We have learned that you are meticulous when it comes to planning and getting your subcontractors to understand the scope of their assignment. From the initial “Scope of Work”(to make sure you have captured everything that needs to be done) to the estimate of cost and Work Proposal that you present prior to the clients commitment, you do your homework.
Over the years, as we have come back to you for additional assignments, we have been pleasantly surprised at the depth of alternatives you can lay before our feet. You will listen to our requests and desires, and then offer your own suggestions to see if those alternatives might be more pleasing to us. Your suggestion of encasing the double oven/microwave cabinet in stainless steel was a brilliant idea. It was a perfect solution against a brick wall! Your suggestions as to finishing out the living room with a faux finish, along with the corbels that you suggested for the ceiling beam, made the living room more of a backdrop for our art collection and furniture.
And these further comments are directed to those of you who will read this testimonial on Randy’s website. For Leila and me, the size of the home we live in is not important. What is important is that each room be unique, warm, and top of the line in its appearance. Randy accomplished each of those goals in every room in our house.
Randy also makes sure his subcontractors stand by their work. The redo of the wood floor in our master and guest areas three years ago was proof positive that, as a general contractor, Randy will not let his clients flail in the wind when products malfunction! We were horrified when the new wood floor started peeling. Randy came in with the owner of the flooring company. The manufacturer and the flooring company stood by their warranty and replaced the floor with better quality flooring than we had to begin with. This is a priceless commodity in the housing business! No amount of praise or comments about quality ofwork, can erase a bad experience with product or service gone bad after the contractor walks out the door. To those who read this, if there is any defining quality which makes the R.J. Aldriedge Companies top of the line, this is it!
We are extremely proud of the home we live in.  It is not a mansion, but reflects our passion for meticulous detail and our sense of style within the order of things. We would not have a house of this quality without many years of excellent work performed by craftsman and professionals supervised and managed by Randy Aldriedge.
And I would be remiss if I did not point out that Randy would often “stick to his guns” and suggest that what we thought wewanted, would not suit us in the long run. In every single case he was right and we would have been wrong and unhappy. Randy became our partner in the process, and as such we learned to respect his decisions and opinions.
I don’t know what else I could put down in this testimonial that would convince you to engage his firm, other than I would hire Randy again and again if I had the projects to accomplish. My wife and I live at 2405 Bluffview Court, in Arlington, TX 76011, and our phone number is 817-261-3488. You can call us anytime to talk to us about our experience with the R.J. Aldriedge Companies and Randy specifically. That is our testimony about the man and his company and we were delighted to provide it.
Leila and Mike Magill

 Ralph and Sandra

Randy always had the work area clean, he kept the job going, and the people around the building site complimented how thoughtful the builder was to protect their property and access to their driveways. 
Randy would respond to any questions or concerns we had duri ...

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 Dr. Frank and Elaine

In September of 1999 the demolition of our house was underway. My husband was not able watch it, but I really enjoyed watching this amazing piece of machinery crunch our house like a toothpicks.

By November the foundation was being poured for our new home. The sp ...

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Bill and Pat

We have just visited our sons new home and I could not keep from comparing the house itself with our house.

So, this note is one more sincere THANKS for the lovely home you built for us on.

Without letting our son see us we often shook ...

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Tim and Lydia

Thank you for the tremendous job you have done on the ranch house. We really appreciate you.


Many thanks for your prompt completion of the work at Vernitas. She is thoroughly pleased with the job as well as your patience in dealing with her and her illness. Once again many thanks.

 C&D M

Thank you again for a great job.


I do thank you for all your help and attentiveness to this job. I thought it went very smooth. I appreciate your being considerate of me and my family and our feelings during these past 3 months.


Just a note to thank you for the job you did. You and your people were professional at all times. Sometimes they say not to work with friends on a project like this, but I would disagree in this case. If you ever need a recommendation you can count on me. 

 D&M V

Thanks for the very beautiful house.
We will recommend you to all our friends.


We Love our Bathroom – you all did a wonderful job.


Dick and would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did on our kitchen and family room remodel. You and your staff were professional in every way and we felt completely comfortable in allowing your employees into our home. 

Your superintendent, Robert, was q ...

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 J&J R

I apologize for the tardiness of this letter. It is way past due. We love our new home! It is so very beautiful! Our family and friends that have shared it with us and are in awe! They are in awe of the transformation but most of all in awe of the fact that we still love our cont ...

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I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort you put into remodeling our home.
Your organizational skills and hard work helped us transform our home into a warm and comfortable environment we will love and enjoy for years to come. ...

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 F B

I was thoroughly pleased with your work and that of Gary Sodd. I was also very impressed with the fact you were trying to save me money. The friendliness of your staff and the fact that they cleaned up after themselves is a very nice thing. It’s not expected.. . for example, when ...

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 J&D D

Dear Randy,
Having lived at this residence for 33 years, David and I have been involved in several other large scale remolding projects before. Although we were pleased with the ultimate outcome of those, the actual living through the experience was in no way as pleasant a ...

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 Jack and Carol

CHEERS: To Randy Aidriedge for the fantastic job remodeling our house. It’s easy to be pleased with a contractor going into a job; the real test is liking him at the end. < ...

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 K B

Thank you so much for doing a great job on my new house. I'll tell everyone I run into that they won't go wrong by going to RJ Aldriedge Custom Homes!

I love my new home and I'll tell that to anyone!

 R V

Dear Randy:
Please accept our gratitude for the excellent and professional workmanship performed by you and your employees on our home at 1404 Riverview Drive in Arlington.
The damage from the house fire was so very extensive we wondered if it could ever be restored to it ...

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 S&F J

We want to give you our heartfelt thanks for the great work you guys did for us. We were under a deadline and we couldn't have made it without all the extra effort and attention to detail from your people. Thank you so much for making this our most pleasant move!